vaccination1Detailed information can be found in the Childhood Immunisation Schedule for Wales 2022 , or in The Complete Routine Immunisation Schedule for Wales 2022 and our Travel Vaccinations page.

Childhood Immunisations

Please contact the surgery to book an appointment once you receive your notification slip from the Royal Alexandra Hospital. A baby's eight week check and the mother's post-natal examination is carried out by a doctor at the surgery at the same time as the first set of immunisations

If you have any further questions the health visitor, practice nurse or doctor will be able to advise you.

Flu And Pneumococcal Vaccinations (65 year olds and older & Special Groups)

We recommend vaccination against the flu infection in the autumn for those over the age of 65 and for those who have certain chronic medical conditions that put them at higher risk should they develop the flu. We also recommend vaccination against pneumococcal infection in those patients who are at higher risk of pneumococcal pneumonia. Please enquire at reception in September/early October. For more information about these vaccinations, click here . The surgery may text you a reminder about you Flu vaccination. Please ensure that you make us aware of any change you your mobile phone number - this is your responsibility.

Covid Vaccination

We recommend vaccination against Covid infection for those who are eligible. The administration of this vaccination is coordinated by BCUHB. Please do not contact the surgery about arranging this vaccination, but visit the BCUHB website here for more information:  *please also visit our dedicated Coronavirus information page here for information about Covid-19 vaccination*

Shingles Vaccination

All individuals that have previously had chickenpox remain at risk of developing shingles at some point in their lifetime. However, it is known that occasional exposure to children with chickenpox can significantly delay or prevent shingles in adults. This is because exposure to the virus gives the immune system a ‘boost’ which helps it to keep the dormant virus under suppression. In 2013 Wales introduced a shingles vaccine for older people. This has been rolled out in phases and from April 2019 everyone aged 70 to 79 is eligible. Individuals become eligible on their 70th birthday and remain eligible until their 80th birthday. Please click here to read about changes from Sept 2023. Please contact the surgery to make an appointment to arrange your vaccination. 


Everyone should be protected by being immunised against this disease. A Tetanus vaccination is usually recommended for anyone  who has not been vaccinated before, has not been fully vaccinated (in the UK this means five doses of Tetanus vaccine) or is travelling to a country with limited medical facilities, and whose last dose of the Tetanus vaccine was more than 10 years ago. Please contact our practice nurses if you need clarification about whether you are fully immunised.

Human Papilloma Virus (HPV)

Please see this information in our Your Health section for detailed information about the HPV vaccination program that started in Sept 2008, with the majority of girls will being vaccinated at their secondary school. From the academic year starting September 2019, HPV vaccine has been offered to boys, in addition to girls, as part of the routine school based schedule. 

Yellow Fever

We are NOT a yellow fever vaccination centre. Please make an appointment with a Yellow Fever centre elsewhere if you need to have this vaccination.

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